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Plymouth CAST

Our school is a member of Plymouth CAST, a multi-academy trust comprising of 35 Schools situated within the Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. All of our schools seek to provide excellent education, pastoral care and spiritual formation for all the children and adults who make up the communities of our schools.

Plymouth CAST is committed to our Catholic mission while contributing to support education in the South West, working with other schools and learning networks to serve the Common Good.

Edmund Rice Building
St Boniface College
21 Boniface Lane
Manadon Park

Telephone: 01364 645450
Email: admin@plymouthcast.org.uk
CAST Annual Report & Financial Statements

You can read these, as well as the Value for Money Statement, on the Plymouth CAST financial Information page.

There are CAST policies & strategies which apply to St Mary’s. You can find them on the Plymouth CAST website.

Funding Agreement

A requirement of being an Academy School is to publish the signed funding agreement. The funding agreement is the contract between the Secretary of State for Education and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School that sets out the terms on which our school is funded, how it is run and the powers the Secretary of State has over our school.

The signed copy of the Plymouth CAST master funding agreement here.