Eco Schools                                                 

St Mary's is committed to offering its pupils opportunties
to learn about environmental sustainability at an individual, local and global level.

Pupils are responsible for monitoring liltter, switching off
lights and looking after the school grounds.  Our links with
the National Trust at Studland and our partner school in Uganda help provide learning opportunties and we have
a gardening club run by the PTA.

Pupils in Year 1 work on a gardening project with Leeson House which runs over the school year and involves planting and growing fruit and vegetables.
Last year St Mary's was accepted as a pilot school for the Dorset Schools Carbon Reduction Scheme which aims to involve pupils in monitoring and reducing its carbon footprint and achieved the lowest energy consumption figures per pupil in Dorset schools.

St Mary's achieved the Green Flag award in 2011. We are proud of the St Mary's Eco Code which was produced by our School Council.

Try and walk to school.

Pick up litter.

Recycle paper and use compost bins.

Turn off lights and close doors to save energy.

Look after the school grounds.

Take care of the world and the people we share it with


by: zak on 30/03/2014
Sport Relief at St Mary's

by: bluelevel on 14/03/2014
Sport Relief/Parent Interviews/
Easter Holidays

by: zak on 07/01/2014

Pupils (and some staff) turned out in their best
pyjamas to enjoy some bedtime reading.
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by: zak on 01/01/2014

Sixth formers from The Purbeck School
delivered workshops about the Human Body.

by: zak on 21/12/2013
St Mary's Awarded New Green Flag!