20th September 2011
Apologies: Kate Dunster, Sarah Streams, Lisa Lepper, Candice Lyons, Sarah Peirce, Mandi Mansbridge, Trecina Sutherland
Present:      Dionne Usai, Amanda Rowley, Vi Kitcatt, Collette Parry, Siobhan Webster, Sarah De Leon, Chrissie Cummings, Dinah Johnson, Jo Pope, Yasmin Seaman, Susie Pike, Emma Anderson, Guis Hall, Mrs Rowe, Mrs Meteau
2)     ACCOUNTS / BANK BALANCE – Dionne ran through some of the more successful fundraising events from last year & how much they had made for the PTA. The current bank balance is £2906.00
3)     MRS LAKES WISH LIST – Mrs Lake has asked if the PTA would be able to fund the new drinks cups for all the children, it was agreed that we would do this and also if the PTA would arrange for the car park lines to be re-painted. The PTA will see if some of the Dads can mark out the car park spaces again as they did 2 years ago at the next Make a Difference day.
4)     NATIONAL BOOK WEEK – The school will be emphasising reading this year and will be using National Book Week to start off the reading programme. Mrs Meteau asked if the PTA would support book week by serving hot chocolate to the children on bedtime story evening & provide refreshments to the parents. Also if the PTA would run a new & second book stall that week. School would also like funds to upgrade the books at school. The PTA have agreed to support all of this and would also like to buy a book as a present for each child to have in this week.
5)     FUNDRAISING MEAL – The PTA are going to try & arrange a meal out week commencing 10th October. Dionne is going to ask Julian at Country Kitchen.
6)     SCHOOL DISCO – Thurs 20th October at the Catholic Church hall. Dionne to see if Mrs Lake, Mrs Gadston or Mrs Meteau are able to attend. PTA to see if Nick Wood & Martyn Ward are able to DJ again for us. Concerns were raised over the sale of Glowsticks however if was decided that although they are not popular with parents the children all love them so until a popular alternative could be found we would still sell them. 
7)     RECYCLED UNIFORM SALE – Friday 14th October 3pm. Yasmin has kindly been through all the second hand uniform and sorted out the good stuff ready for the recycled uniform sale. The PTA will also have stall selling the toys & books left over from the summer fete and will serve tea & coffee in the playground.
8)     MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY – Saturday 8th October 10am – 12 noon. General tidy up & maintenance of the school grounds is needed after the summer break. The PTA will arrange to hire a line painter for the car park.
9)     XMAS FAYRE – Friday 9th December 2.30pm – 4.30pm
10)CHRISTMAS CARDS – Dinah will organise the children’s Christmas cards this year.
11)AGM – Friday 30th September 2pm in school hall.
12)PUB QUIZ – Sarah De Leon & Chrissie are going to try & arrange a Pub Quiz for early November.
13)CHEESE & WINE & PAMPER EVENING – Mrs Meteau and Collette are organising a Local cheese & Fairtrade wine & Pamper evening for end of November.
14)ANY OTHER BUSINESS – The PTA would like to do a fundraising event for Cancer research to tie in with their National Day at end of October, Dionne to check with Mrs Lake about a non uniform day & pink cake sale. Plastic bottle tops – Jo Pope has details of a company who will collect plastic bottle tops & donate money to a charity of our choice. Dionne has offered to store the tops in her garage. Need to send out a letter to parents about collecting tops and finding a convenient way of collecting them.
15)Next meeting AGM on 30th September

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Carey Camp/School Trips/Sports Day/Letter to the Trenches
/St Mary’s Got Talent/Celebration Day


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 On Thursday 3rd April, year 5 of St. Mary’s RC Primary School, Swanage presented speeches for the CAFOD project, “Speak up for CAFOD” to local dignitaries of the town council as well as local representatives of Fair Trade and Christian Aid. See main article for photo.

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Sport Relief at St Mary's

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Pupils (and some staff) turned out in their best
pyjamas to enjoy some bedtime reading.
See more photos!

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Sixth formers from The Purbeck School
delivered workshops about the Human Body.